Trip to Italy 2018

WINNER 2018:



January 2019

 Gift Card $75: Schnur Lisa

Gift Card $50: Suzette Ervin

Gift Card $25: Judith Cummings

February 2019

 Gift Card $75: Delva Sicard

Gift Card $50: Strahil Goodman

Gift Card $25: Sharon Emannelli

March 2019

 Gift Card $75: Nathn Roemer

Gift Card $50: jory hansen

Gift Card $25: Viktoria Globa

April 2019

 Gift Card $75: Erik Roberts

Gift Card $50: Ivy Reisch

Gift Card $25: Sarah Clark

May 2019

 Gift Card $75:  Scott Crawford

Gift Card $50: Yvonne Montoya

Gift Card $25: Rachel Fauhner

June 2019

 Gift Card $75: Hugh Ragan

Gift Card $50: George Blair

Gift Card $25: H.  Maghoul

July 2019

 Gift Card $75: Worth Howe

Gift Card $50: Bobby Ralston

Gift Card $25: Douglas Sobrinho

Terms and Conditions of Participation

to "Trip to Italy" drawing 2018-2019


1. You have right to participate to the drawing every time you stop and purchase something to Pizzeria Vivoli at 7994 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046, you can easy add your business card or fill in a trip to Italy form, in one of the apposite drawing box. You must have 18+ and all the information (name, last, phone, email and address) must be correct. Employees of Vivoli Cafe and Pizzeria are not allowed to participate.

One business card or trip to Italy form for each guest of the table.

2. Prize.

Annul Prize: 1 Trip to Italy, witch include 15 Nights in a villa on the heart of Tuscany between Florence and Pisa, sponsor by Rocky and Angie short term rental, and 2 flight ticket of $1000 value each.

Monthly Prize: "Free Dinner for Two", gift card of Value $75,  2nd prize gift card of $50, 3th prize gift card of $25.

3. Drawing.

Every 5 of each month between at (7994 W. Sunset Blvd Blvd, Los Angeles) will be the official drawing of the monthly prize.

The drawing for the annual prize "Trip to Italy"  2018 will be April 10, at the same location. 

The winners of the monthly drawing will be publicized on this page and monthly email remainder will be set over to the participant and subscriber of our news emailing list. 

if you see your name but you are not be contacted please get in contact with as or came to the store to redeem or pick up your gift card. 

The winners of the monthly prize are not eligible for future monthly drawing, but will still eligible for the final drawing "Trip to Italy".

4. To claim a prize you must present a valid ID.

5. For the winner of "Trip to Italy" copy of the passport and travel date availability must be provide in a proper time. We reserve the right for steps /decision of the process.

6. We reserve the right to amend, change this policy and terms, reschedule drawing, without any notice.


Good luck!

Business Hours:  10 AM to 12 AM Every day

Ph. 323-656-5050

7994 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles CA 900468